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What we do

Tableau Service Offerings

Use our premium Tableau services for superior data exploration.

Tableau Consulting Services

Brickclay Tableau consulting services discuss, plan, and optimize implementation for smooth integration, bespoke solutions, and maximum value extraction.

Tableau Dashboard Development

Create visually appealing and interactive dashboards with Tableau’s sophisticated capabilities to easily acquire actionable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Data Preparation

Use clean, transform, and shape to organize raw data for analysis and visualization.

Tableau Data Management

Implement strong data governance, quality management, and integration techniques to protect your data.

Data Visualization

Transforms complex datasets into useful and simple visualizations to help stakeholders make data-driven decisions.

Data Analytics

Use Tableau’s advanced analytics to find data patterns, trends, and correlations for deep insights and informed decision-making.

Tableau Embedded Analytics

Allows businesses to seamlessly integrate advanced data visualization and analysis capabilities into their applications to improve decision-making and insights.

Server Migration

Migrate Tableau Server to new infrastructure or cloud platforms with little downtime, data integrity, and security.

Tableau Performance Tuning

To improve user experience and system responsiveness, fine-tune setups, solve bottlenecks, and follow best practices in your Tableau environment.

Tableau Implementation

Our Tableau implementation skills can deploy and configure the platform to meet your needs, maximizing your data potential.

Tableau Go-Live Support

To help your organization’s Tableau launch smoothly, our expert staff can answer queries and provide suggestions.

Connect With Our Tableau Experts

Our experts will evaluate your business needs and recommend the best visualization solution.

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Features and Benefits

Why Tableau Reporting Tool?

Make more informed decisions with your data’s hidden insights.


Your Trusted Microsoft Gold Partner

We have been awarded Microsoft’s highest distinction for technical ability, competency, and dedication to developing creative solutions inside the Microsoft ecosystem.

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Our Competencies In Tableau Technology

Case Studies

Use Cases We Have Covered

Our Tableau solutions have helped organizations discover actionable insights, optimize data-driven decision-making, and achieve concrete business results.

Order Analysis Sales Seasonality Predictive Insights

Order Analysis

  • City-wise order analysis

  • Category and subcategory-wise order analysis

  • Sales analysis by individual items

  • Quarter-wise sales analysis

  • Prompt action on specific subcategories in a particular city

Sales Seasonality

  • Data integration from sales, profit, and orders

  • Monthly trends analysis

  • Subcategory-wise heatmaps

  • Quarter-wise heatmaps

  • Goal-oriented actions based on insights

Predictive Insights

  • Advanced analytics for predictive modeling

  • Forecasting future trends and outcomes

  • Predictive analysis based on historical data

  • Probability estimation for future events

  • Actionable insights for informed decision-making

tool and technologies

Our Intelligent Platform Partners

Assuring Tableau the ability to cater to all your business needs

Our Process

Explore Our Streamlined Service Approach

Our systematic methodology optimizes Tableau use by combining technical expertise with objective insights.

Requirement Gathering

We work closely with your team to understand business needs, data demands, and Tableau service goals.

Tool Selection

Based on the requirements, we evaluate your infrastructure and choose the best Tableau tools and solutions to accomplish your analytics and visualization goals.

Data Integration

We effortlessly integrate your data sources into Tableau, ensuring data flow and tool compatibility.

User Interface Design

Our skilled Tableau developers design clear, visually appealing user interfaces that match your organization’s branding and improve user engagement, making data exploration and analysis easy.

Onboarding and Documentation

We provide full onboarding sessions and documentation to help your team quickly learn Tableau’s features and maximize investment.

WHy Brickclay

Dedicated Data Team

We provide insights that solve complicated problems and improve corporate performance to maximize data value.

general queries

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Tableau business intelligence solutions are equipped to handle real-time data visualization, making it an excellent choice for businesses that require up-to-the-minute insights and reporting. We can help you set up real-time data connections and visualizations.

Tableau professional services provide interactive, easy-to-understand visualizations that make data more accessible. This empowers decision-makers to quickly analyze data, spot trends, and make informed choices that drive business growth.

Data security is a top priority. Brickclay ensures that your data is protected throughout the Tableau data integration services. We can implement user-level security, encryption, and access controls to safeguard sensitive information.

Absolutely. Brickclay Tableau services offer customized Tableau solutions to ensure they align with your unique requirements. We work closely with you to tailor the visualizations, dashboards, and reports to match your business goals.

Yes, we offer comprehensive support and training services to ensure your team is proficient in using Tableau. We provide training, troubleshooting, and updates to keep your Tableau Services running smoothly.

Tableau Services are versatile and can benefit businesses in various industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and more. Whether in data analysis, marketing, or any other field, Tableau can enhance your visualization and analysis capabilities.

Initiating your journey with Brickclay Tableau professionals is straightforward. Contact us through our website or schedule a consultation. Our team will assess your needs and guide you through implementing Tableau Services.