Storage Analytics – Proactive Management Of Storage Products

A compact platform to manage & trace user storage requests, perform storage activities, analyze usage trends, and diagnose storage issues.

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Track User Storage Requests

Monitor monthly service storage charges and track user requests to retrieve or destroy storage boxes including hard-copy documents or digital media and gauge the impact if the price is not configured.

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Calculate Non-recurring Revenue Forecasts

Make use of real-time work order storage activities like adding, removing, handling, tracking, refiling, shredding files and other activities to analyze the amount of non-recurring revenue brought in by each industry or user.

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Heterogeneous Data Environments Integration

Track the movement and the non-movement of storage boxes overtime to gauge the ratio of cold storage in storage boxes or files against work order activities like refilling, adding, removing, shredding, tracking, or recycling.

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Measure Storage Activities Analytics

Drill down into the records management analytics of retrievals, destruction, transportation, refiling and other activities by analyzing the percentages by industry, branches, and customers.

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Explore Removal Storage Trends

Analyze destruction and perm-out storage trends by branches, industries, customers, and geographical locations and also take into account the compliance requirements of legal and medical documents in addition to viewing the time sensitive storage files and removing files if scheduled after every ending fiscal year closure.

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Inspect Growth In Storage Inventory

Analyze the accretion and storage inventory for all facilities, customers, and acquisitions to check organic and non-organic growth.
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Perform Storage Capacity Utilization

Use data-driven insights to effectively utilize storage capacity for facilities by careful planning and measure the scope of impact if there is a change in industry compliance requirements.

Records Management Analytics Statistics


Document Challenges Account for 21.3% Productivity Loss.

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All documents get lost.

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On average, a professional spends 18 minutes searching for a document, which adds up to nearly 50% of their total time on the job.

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Time wasted on document challenges are costing organizations almost $20K per worker, per year.

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