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Crafting Today, Shaping Tomorrow.

We believe great businesses treat their employees like people, not ID numbers and that starts right here in our offices.

We’re Expanding Our Team

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From hands-on training to our vibrant work environment and truly supportive community, Brickclay is the best place to kickstart your career.

why brickclay

Why would you work with Brickclay?

There’s always room for more extraordinary people on the team. When we find genuine talent, we want to help nurture and shape it, providing real opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Space to fulfill your goals

Every quarter, we have regular 1-on-1 sessions with our founders to discuss their career and personal development.

Choose your own career path

You’re in the driver’s seat here. And you can turn your career in the direction that is right for you. We always encourages employees to expand their horizons and try new things.

Funding for your development

All of us at brickclay are always hungry to learn new things. That’s why a chunk of our annual budget goes towards training and education for all staff to develop their skills and expertise.

A ‘buddy’ for new starters

Starting a new job in a new area can be tough. That’s why we have a buddy program where a team member will show you the ropes, help you get settled in, and introduce you to everything brickclay has to offer!

general queries

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! We would be more than happy to consider your application again, particularly if you come back to us with new knowledge or skills.

Search and apply for a job on our Careers page. Follow us on social media too – we’re on LinkedIn , Facebook and Instagram – where we will keep you up to date on open positions at Brickclay.

It is not required but it’s certainly an advantage. We really appreciate when a candidate takes the time to show us his or her motivation.

Certainly! We need people on our team who can bring in great projects and even better people. Show us what you can do and we’ll see if you’d fit right in.

At the moment, we don’t offer internships but any updates on that will go on our career page, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Yes, we are trying to take part as much as we can. We’ve done everything from career speed dating to workshops for students. As our tech and non-tech teams grow we will have more capacity to make this a more integral part of our business.