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Robust Front End Services for Scalable Web Solutions

We have a vast team of competent frontend engineers, who are prepared to provide custom solutions that help you meet any business objectives.

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what we do

Front-end Development Service Offerings

Our team is well-equipped to handle all your front-end development needs and provides customized services that suit your project’s requirements. If you are looking for specialists who can work remotely and full-time on your projects, we have various solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs in an effortless manner.

Custom Front-end Development

A customized approach to create original and unique products that draws upon your brand identity. By applying basic design principles, we can help you gain an edge over your competition. The end result is always something truly remarkable and unparalleled.

Front-end App Modernization

Brickclay provides its clients with timely front-end modernization services that help them keep up with the latest trends and provide a top-notch user experience. This is especially important today since user interfaces become outmoded quickly.

Front-end Development Consulting

We are veterans in this domain and we offer our expertise to guide you in selecting the right technological stack, as well as what components and stages to prioritize when designing an attractive, user-friendly and accessible interface.

Front-end Team Augmentation

We are experts in quickly and effectively expanding teams with highly professional and experienced talent. This gives you a cost-effective way to shorten the time of product delivery, reduce project downtime, and launch products quicker.

Turnkey Full-stack Development

Brickclay offers a wide range of software development services, from designing and developing to releasing a market-dominating product. And our job doesn’t even stop there – we also provide maintenance and optimization services to ensure your product runs smoothly.

CMS Customization

To ensure greater stability of the system, we may look into reconfiguring its front-end, integrating a wider range of components and/or adding more business-centric elements in its interface. This not only makes the system more reliable but also allows us to optimize it according to particular technical and business requirements.

Don’t Accept Less When It Comes to Your Online Success

Get in touch today and let our affordable rates and unwavering commitment to quality elevate your web solutions to new heights.

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service platforms

Front-end Development Solutions

The front-end development services we provide are focused on the most current market niches, tech industries, and commercial segments. Having regular experience in this field, we ensure our solutions are up-to-date and meet customers’ needs.

  • Web Applications

  • Single Page Applications (SPA)

  • E-commerce Platforms

  • Websites And Landing Pages

  • Desktop and Mobile App Interfaces

  • Cross-Platform Applications

  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Tools and Technologies

Tech Stack We Use

Our team leverages a comprehensive list of front end technologies and keeps up-to-date with the industry’s latest trends to provide clients with the best possible results.

Cost Factors

How Much Does Front-end Development Cost?

Each project has its own set of requirements, scope of work, level of complexity, deadlines and more. These components come together when devising an individual project’s cost.


Project Complexity


Project Duration


Cooperation Model


Team Size


Team Composition


Level of Developers

Our Experts Can Fit Into Your Team Seamlessly and Take on Any Tasks With Ease at a Reasonable Cost

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Our process

The Front-end Development Process We Follow

If the client is looking to get a product created from the scratch and doesn’t have any technical specs, then our cooperation would involve steps that can help them avoid having to hire extra personnel.

Requirements Analysis

Our experts create the front-end architecture based on a validated list of technical and non-technical requirements for the project.

Front-end Architecture

Based on the requirements gathered, we provide a proposal with a fixed price and project timeline.


We build a prototype as per the underlying architecture to show the project’s front-end without coding its functionality so as to demonstrate it to the client and finalize the project requirements.

Responsive Design

Our developers follow the design closely and start developing the front-end, specifying how end-users interact with the interface, coding functionalities and making everything work together.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Engineers extensively examine the designed solution to make sure it complies with specialized and commonly accepted usability standards. This process of testing and refining is done to ensure that the end product is fully optimized before it’s released.

Post-deployment Maintenance

After the successful completion of the project, we perform a final round of testing and hand over the product to the client along with all project documentation.

Post-Project Support

After we launch a project, our team is dedicated to providing technical assistance and timely updates to keep up with the changing requirements of the client’s users.

general queries

Frequently Asked Questions

We can provide you with additional remote developers to help execute the front end of your project. All you need to do is submit a request in the contact form and our team will select the most qualified professionals for your task. If you already have an in-house developer team, we will be more than happy to supplement them with any extra personnel they might need.

A number of aspects go into assessing the cost of constructing a website’s front end, including features, complexity, design, development, cooperation model and deadlines. It is best to have an initial estimate at the inception of the project so you are prepared for what lies ahead.

We offer a comprehensive suite of front-end development services and our cooperation model for custom development also includes post-deployment maintenance. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’re getting complete support from start to finish.

Currently, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, and CSS are the best languages for front-end development. Our developers are highly knowledgeable in using them and have years of experience under their belt.