Data Analytics

Dashboards And Reports

Using your data to get the bigger picture is a problem in itself and understanding that picture is elevating it to a whole new level.

Brickclay deciphers your data into digital experience by creating interactive dashboards and reports

Brickclay understands the objectives and aesthetics of data visualization techniques and helps our clients with professional and expert data reporting services. Our experience in working with global businesses enable us to present complex data in a format that can be easily grasped by you or your clients. When your data presented to executives of your organization, it must be presented in a way that’s easy to understand.

Infrastructure Configuration

Licensing Costs, Software and Hardware Requirements.

Business Metrics Development

Business Calculations using DAX, MDX, VB etc.

Reports Development

Live Dashboards, Modern Reports Providing 360 View

Security Implementation

Row Level Security (RLS), Active Directory Security.

Key Features

Brickclay deciphers your data into the digital experience by creating interactive dashboards, scorecards and custom reports that transform complex data into usable and easy to understand information. Our reporting is fully skilled in dashboards designing and reporting and doing it from years. We are not only experienced, but our team is also Microsoft Certified.

360° View
Powerful Segmentation
Outliers in Data
Hidden Opportunities
Patterns and Insights
Cross-Channel Process