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Streamlining Business Operations through Invoicing Automation

July 12, 2023


RSC Group, a nationwide company operating in the United States, provides services to corporate clients across 10,000 different sites through ticket-based assignments. The company utilizes Vertical Market’s VENTUS for ticketing and invoicing processes. As part of their corporate client service requirements RSC Group needs to generate invoices over Service Channel for their system for work orders and invoices.

The Challenge

RSC Group faced several hurdles with their manual invoice generation process. Creating humanly invoices for 15 customers using Service Channel, with each customer receiving an average of 140 invoices every week, placed a significant strain on human resources. The manual process not only slowed down Operations, Billings and Account Receivables but also introduced the risk of errors. Moreover, keeping an eye to track Work Order and Invoice status, comments and NTE Amount over Service Channel proved to be a demanding task.

Our Approach

RSC Group enlisted the expertise of our data analyst and data engineering teams to develop a workflow automation solution for invoice generation and Service Channel updates (Status, Comments, NTE Amount) monitoring. The data analysts first undertook the task of understanding the problem scope, while the data engineering team analyzed the data sets and engaged with business stakeholders to establish data mapping and transformation rules.

The result of this effort was the creation of a solution that created VENTUS-based invoices over Service Channel and synchronized Work Order and Invoice updates from Service Channel within the data warehouse after every 15 minutes. Additionally, the solution included the synchronization of Invoice PDFs and images from the VENTUS to update Service Channel invoices.

Furthermore, the data engineering team developed a separate process to combine statuses and comments of work orders, invoices, and proposals in an Enterprise Data Warehouse. This enabled end-users to review all relevant information in one centralized location.


The implementation of invoice automation yielded significant outcomes and impacts in expediting the invoicing process, Account Receivables and Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) through our integration services. Work Order and Invoices automation through systems integration redirected team members’ focus from labor-intensive copy/paste activities towards other productive assignments to contribute business value.

Moreover, automating the invoice generation process ensured prompt and reliable results, eliminating delays and errors associated with the manual system. The synchronized data and statuses provided a real-time overview of work orders and invoices, enhancing operational efficiency and enabling proactive decision-making.

Next Steps

Building upon the success of invoice automation, RSC Group plans to further integrate their work orders and invoices with other vendors to expedite the invoicing time. This integration will help streamline the entire invoicing process, reduce dependencies on manual interventions, and ensure even faster and more accurate service tracking results.

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