Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence services and solutions help transform your organizational data into actionable intelligence that aid in making fact-based business decisions.

Data Architecture
and Design

Data architecture design is the most important determinant of the usefulness and longevity of your data applications. If designed properly, your database can outlive multiple generations of front-end software and will ensure that all of the applications in your enterprise will be served well.

Effective robust
data architecture

Our experts selecting the right storage configuration, virtualization, hardware clustering, operating system, and database clustering will determine how well your system satisfies your business requirements.


Data modelling plays a pivotal role in the success or failure of a Business Intelligence application. A good data model should be business-centric while leveraging the best of technology. We understand Data models differ from business to business and only a thorough analysis can unearth challenges specific to a model.
While designing the data model we take into account factors such as scalability, adaptability, efficiency and performance considerations keeping in view your business goals, forecasts and ambitions. We can accelerate the development and deployment of your data warehouse or modernize your current infrastructure.

Database & Tool selections

Scalable Data Warehouse

Performance tuning & optimisation

Enterprise-grade security

Real-time data loads

Fail-safe and robust recovery

Data Visualization and Reporting

We enable enterprises to convert data into strategic assets that help them improve top-line and optimize the bottom line. Leverage our expertise to implement best in class tools for data discovery, executive dashboards, routine, ad-hoc and self-service reporting and visualizations. We can help you with:

Selection of right tool

Development of reports

Interactive dashboards

Regulatory reporting

Agile visualization development

Embedded BI