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The Future is Here: Discover the Power of Cloud Based Data Management

July 6, 2023

Keeping one step ahead of the competition is crucial in the ever-changing fields of business intelligence (BI) and database management. As upper management, chief human resources officers, managing directors, and country managers, you know the value of data in making strategic decisions. Cloud-based data management is the answer that’s ready for the future. 

Forbes reported that 83% of enterprise workloads were expected to be in the cloud by the end of this year, marking a significant shift towards cloud-based solutions. This figure demonstrates the growing importance of the cloud in data management. This article will explore how cloud based data management can revolutionize your business.

The Landscape of Data Management

Businesses today generate data at an unprecedented scale and complexity. The standard data management methods are insufficient to deal with the current data explosion. Cloud based data management is a game-changer in this regard.

Simply put, cloud based data management is the process of archiving, managing, and processing information via remote servers rather than locally installed hardware. Numerous benefits, including increased flexibility, scalability, and efficiency, make this method attractive to enterprises.

The global cloud computing market was estimated to reach $362.3 billion in 2022, and it’s projected to grow at a CAGR of 18% from 2022 to 2026. This rapid market growth reflects the increasing adoption of cloud-based technologies across industries. 

Cloud-Based Data Management in Action

1. Database Management Services

Data storage and processing can be done in a safe and scalable environment with the help of cloud-based database management services. They are helpful for organizations that must manage enormous data collections and fluctuating workloads.

2. Cloud-Based Software Solutions

Because of their portability and convenience, cloud based software solutions have replaced on-premises installations of complex business intelligence (BI) tools and analytics platforms.

3. Cloud Based BI Solutions

Non-technical individuals may now easily generate, evaluate, and share insights in real time, thanks to cloud-based BI systems. All the organization’s decision-makers benefit from this.

Challenges in Data Management and How the Cloud Helps

1. Data Management Challenges

Some of the most significant difficulties businesses confront are dealing with large and diverse data sources, guaranteeing data quality, and managing data privacy and compliance. Cloud based solutions provide powerful tools and functionality to handle these concerns efficiently.

2. Cloud Data Management

The cloud makes it easier for enterprises to handle data at scale by standardizing data integration, streamlining data migration, and providing automated data governance.

3. Cloud Storage Management

Cloud storage solutions are scalable and cost-effective when securing large amounts of data. High-tech data storage management tools guarantee that information is safe, easily accessible, and always backed up.

Cloud Based Data Solutions in Action

Now that the many benefits of cloud based data management have been established, we can look at actual applications and industry-based examples to show how it can revolutionize business processes.

Expandability and Development

Consider a store that relies on foot traffic that varies with the seasons. Their in-house servers can’t keep up with the influx of online orders during peak shopping times, which causes delays and irritates customers. They can easily expand or contract their resources by switching to a cloud based data management system. This ensures they can cope with peak holiday demand without improving their infrastructure all year. According to a study by Gartner, organizations that leverage the scalability of cloud infrastructure experience a 50% reduction in IT infrastructure costs.

Data Analytics Empowerment

Using data analytics, a multinational firm hopes to bolster its decision-making capabilities. However, the expanding data volume overwhelms their current data warehouse setup. Adopting a cloud-based BI solution gives workers across the company access to data insights in near real-time. A company’s operational efficiency and bottom line can benefit from data-driven decisions by executives, managers, and frontline workers. Research by Dresner Advisory Services reveals that 75% of organizations report improved decision-making using cloud-based BI and analytics tools.

How to Find the Best Data Management Cloud Provider

For your business, picking the correct cloud based data management partner is crucial. Some essential things to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Security and Compliance: Ensure your cloud service provider follows all the security best practices and industry rules that apply to your business. This is crucial for any company that deals with private information.
  • Scalability: As your data needs change, your chosen partner should make it easy to increase or decrease the amount of resources used.
  • Data Integration: Choosing a solution that can be easily implemented with your current infrastructure is important. Systems should be able to exchange data without any hitches.
  • Performance: Make sure the cloud-based solution can handle your business’ data processing and query response needs by evaluating its performance.
  • Cost Transparency: Find out how much using the cloud service will cost and whether there are additional fees. An open pricing structure is crucial for efficient budgeting.
  • Support and Training: Consider how much help and instruction you’ll get from the service. Your organization will benefit from the cloud based data management system if your team is properly trained.
  • Data Backup and Recovery: When protecting your data from unforeseen occurrences, robust data backup and recovery alternatives are necessary.

Future of Cloud-Based Data Management 

Cloud computing is unquestionably the future of data management. Advantages in terms of portability, scalability, security, and low total cost of ownership can be realized by adopting cloud based data management systems by enterprises. They enable their teams to make data-driven decisions, revealing previously concealed insights and opening up untapped opportunities.

Those of you in leadership positions, such as chief executive officers, human resources heads, managing directors, and country managers, play a crucial part in this transformation process. When you adopt cloud based data management, you’re doing more than just keeping up with the times; you’re helping to create them. The goal is to position your company for success in today’s information age, where data-driven decisions are the key to rising above the competition. Cloud based data management is the way of the future, and it’s time to take advantage of it for a better tomorrow.

What Role Does Brickclay Play? 

Brickclay, a leading name in Business Intelligence and database management, offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based data management services encompassing everything from infrastructure planning and high availability solutions to disaster recovery, performance optimization, and regular backups. With our knowledge and dedication to ‘We Make It Better,’ we help businesses make the switch to cloud based data management without a hitch, guaranteeing constant access to vital information along with boosted efficiency and safety. Contact us today for businesses seeking to elevate their data management game to explore how Brickclay can help you achieve efficient, cost-effective, and secure cloud-based data solutions tailored to your needs.

About Brickclay

Brickclay is a digital solutions provider that empowers businesses with data-driven strategies and innovative solutions. Our team of experts specializes in digital marketing, web design and development, big data and BI. We work with businesses of all sizes and industries to deliver customized, comprehensive solutions that help them achieve their goals.

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