Data Analytics

Enterprise Data Warehouse

For every successful and robust business, having a data warehouse is integral in providing a complete performance management system.

Build an effective data warehousing system with our team

An effective data warehouse can be achieved with appropriate architecture, design, expertise, and experience. Our data warehousing services ensure excellent performance of data warehousing systems and result in improved management, efficiency, productivity, and lower overhead costs. A data warehouse is a data storage system designed specifically for query and analysis, enabling businesses to transform data into actionable insight.
Work with Consolidated Data

When information from separate sources is combined into a single source and specific pieces of needed information are consolidated into a single unit, businesses save precious time and reduce costly errors.

Eliminate Inconsistent Data

From maintaining solid analytics and reporting to creating a winning BI strategy, the success of a business truly depends on identifying, addressing and eliminating Low- quality and Inconsistent data.

Reliable Intelligence

When data is consolidated and consistent, only then it can be considered a source of Reliable Intelligence for reporting and analytics that deliver results and achieve goals for businesses.

Service Offerings

BRICKCLAY transforms business applications data into meaningful insights to empower business stakeholders in making informed decisions. We empower users to map physical data structures to business understandable terms with a user friendly interface. Overall, users get advantage of visibility and management for managing data revisions, reducing errors and ensuring data integrity, gains a sleek data integration experience by completing projects which our metadata management expertise.

Metadata Management

Brickclay services help organizations to manage and monitor complicated enterprise metadata while maintaining consistency across all enterprise data sources. We empower organizations with improved visibility into existing business processes, business rules, impact analysis and inverse impact analysis.

Master Management

Master Data Management has become crucial in business operations because of the increasing demand for consistent data and reporting requirements and adherence to compliance standards. Our team’s expertise helps to consolidate data from all data sources and develop evident relationships between data.

Data Modeling

Our expertise and experience in knowledge modeling help customers perceive data, its interrelationships and business rules. With our data modeling services, clients recognize hidden facts and dimensions within underlying data from multiple views and different angels to review the same information.

Data tuning, data configuration and optimization to address business desires.

Our services facilitate improve quality of enterprise knowledge, cut back redundancy and accelerate data movement. Our team improves data quality by different techniques of data cleansing which enriches data quality for accurate reporting.

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