Data Analytics

Data Integration

With our end to end solutions, remodel incongruent data into meaningful information, providing KPIs essential to your business’s decision-making process.

Get unified view of the business for deeper insights

Brickclay’s data integration platform helps consolidate and integrate your data from different sources and provides a unified view of the business for deeper insights. Stay on track and on point with emerging business opportunities and market trends. Unite, consolidate and integrate data with a scalable and nimble platform.

Team Power
A team of Microsoft Certified professionals equipped with the best in class industry knowledge and practices when it comes to extraction methodologies.
Unified Data
Minimize discrepancies, remove redundant data across the board, let all of the data within an enterprise speak the same language.
No Data Isolation
Eliminate data isolation by developing structural metadata in standardized data formats, empowering reuse and real-time access to data.
Microsoft SQL Server Systems
Improve data utilization through automated extraction and analysis. Maximize organizational efficiency while minimizing costs in terms of time and resources.
Managed Risk and Compliance
Hedge the risk associated with new data sources’ integration, as our services assist in the vetting process and meeting compliance requirements.
Faster Decision-Making
The scalable platform, improved data quality, and data-driven statistics give yourself the edge when it comes to making well-informed decisions in a timely manner.

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